The Aircraft

The CX4 is a low wing, single-seat aircraft designed to be low cost, simple to build and safe to fly. In the UK the CX4 will be approved by the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) for non-aerobatic flight.

The aircraft is all metal, 6061-T6 aluminium, except the cowling. It has hydraulic disc toe brakes, enclosed canopy, heater and ventilation system for all season flying. The CX4's standard specified power plant is a Volkswagen Type 1 air cooled engine. Principally the design is built from a plan, but due to popular request parts are available to assist the builder.

Designed by David Thatcher in the USA, the CX4 first flew in 2004. In the spring of 2013, there were thirty eight flying CX4s in the United States, Australia, Brazil and South Africa. The name of the plane, CX4, is taken from an old radio programme from David's youth. The show featured a character, Hop Harrigan, whose plane was called CX4.

The Squadron

The UK CX4 Squadron aims to assist builders working on aircraft that are to be approved by the LAA. The aim is to make available update on LAA approval process and any changes required, and to act as a central repository for information regarding the design. The website will also act as a focal point for arranging meetings between UK builders and updates on their projects.